• Cooperation with academic and scientific institutions, chambers, companies, government administration bodies, and other legal entities and individuals who can contribute to the achievement of the Association’s objectives,
  • Publishing or co-publishing regular or occasional scientific, technical and informative publications in the field of intelligent transport systems,
  • Organization or co-organization of scientific and technical symposium, conferences, courses, lectures, round tables and seminars in the field of intelligent transport systems,
  • Regular and occasional notification of the members about the ITS Croatia activities, members’ achievements and events in the field of intelligent transport systems,
  • Notification of the public about the development of intelligent transport systems and the cooperation with the electronic and press media,
  • Work on scientific and technical projects,
  • Participation in the establishment and keeping up of public-private partnerships,
  • Cooperation with related organizations and associations in Croatia,
  • Cooperation with international organizations and associations