Special Issue “Assessment of Highway Network Performance and Sustainable Traffic Control“

Within the special issue of the respected journal Sustainability (Impact Factor 3.9; Citescore 5.8; publisher MDPI) for the middle of next year, the topic is planned: “Assessment of Highway Network Performance and Sustainable Traffic Control”. The guest editors of this special issue are professors from the Faculty of Traffic Sciences of the University of Zagreb: Prof. Ph.D. Sadko Mandžuka and Assoc. Prof. Marko Šoštarić. This editorial of the special issue is part of the activities related to the project: „A proposal for a variable traffic signal management model on a motorway section based on multicriteria optimization“ (VTSM-mco), from the National Road Traffic Safety Plan in the Republic of Croatia.

The main objective of this Special Issue is to present contemporary R&D achievements in highway traffic management. The last decade has been marked by the development of new systems and traffic services for highway networks that significantly improve traffic efficiency and the sustainability of the entire system. This is marked by the transformation from a data-poor state to a very rich data system. As a consequence, ways of better using this potential are sought through the better integration of systems and associated services. In this sense, modern traffic management systems should enable the better use of existing road capacities without the constant need to build new road infrastructure. This is the fundamental vision of the intelligent transport systems concept. In addition, in the near future, great challenges are expected with regard to higher-quality traffic demand management solutions. For the purposes of the assessment of highway network performance, it is necessary to constantly improve the selection of appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs).



intelligent transport systems, cooperative systems, highway traffic management, traffic demand management, expert systems, assessment of highway network performance, sustainability, new technologies for intelligent transport planning, big data in traffic.


Deadline for manuscript submissions: 7 May 2024


More information: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/AB2VPW5D55